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Middle East and North Africa: Home

A comprehensive guide to each country in the Middle East and North Africa.

Welcome! أهلا وسهلا

Welcome to the Middle East and North Africa Libguide!                                                                                  

In this Libguide, we attempt to gather pertinent resources to facilitate a greater understanding of the Middle East and North Africa.

Along the top you can find tabs which will take you to the various countries in the region.

Here on the home page you can find information which is applicable on a more regional level, such as the Arab Spring. Also, campus events which focus on Middle East or North African issues will be posted on the home page.

Please feel free to leave your comments and/or suggestions so that we may constantly improve the page and make it as useful as possible.


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Additional Resources

Open-access resources

   This libguide page was compiled by University of Michigan's Near Eastern Studies Library and includes open-access resources, language learning sites, religious texts, historical documents, and more.

Arab World News Sources

   This page includes a comprehensive list of news sources from different countries in the Middle East.

Interesting Cultural TidBits

  1. Samandal is a groundbreaking way for Arab writers interested in the relationship between pictures and words. They explore this relationship through comics which are translated into English and French. Check it out for yourself at their website!
  2. The Arab world was full of great minds prying into the secrets of medicine and the workings of the body. Anybody interested in the history of medicine and science in the Arab world should peruse the National Library of Medicine's website for Islamic Medical Manuscripts.
  3. Art has a way of permeating our everyday lives, whether we are conscious of it or not. In the Middle East and North Africa, this phenomena flourishes from the architecture to the calligraphy. Look for yourself at the Islamic Arts and Architecture website!
  4. If you are interested in Arabic Literature, a free PDF version of Arabic Literature in the Post-Classical Period, edited by Roger Allen is available through Cambridge Histories Online. Take a look, (don't worry, it's in English!).
  5. A huge factor in the modern Middle East was British colonialism and imperialism. Check out original correspondances, statements, and negotiations regarding Britain and the Middle East at the British National Archive
  6. The Library of Congress is a wonderful resource for researching Africa and the Middle East. Check out their African and Middle Eastern Reading Room for some interesting reads.

Arab Spring

Brookings Institute: How Monarchies Survived the Arab Spring

Routledge- Taylor and Francis Group: The Arab Spring Revisited

BBC News: Arab Uprisings- Country by Country 

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Of course, Islam has played a HUGE part in shaping the Middle East and North Africa. Here are some links to get informed about Islam!

Islam and Islamic Law- Oxford Law