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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Bibliography Help: APA

Uni students are often asked to complete papers and projects that require using and citing resources created by others. Use these resources to make your job easier.

Example Categories

Access these examples from the drop-down menu that appears when you rest your mouse on the APA tab.

APA Paper/Traditional

    • Book by a single author
    • Book with two authors
    • Book by a corporate author (a company, school, nonprofit group, etc.)
    • Book with an editor
    • Article from a weekly or bi-weekly magazine
    • Article from a journal that pages each issue seperately
    • Article from a journal with continuous paging
    • Article with no author
    • Article from a daily newspaper
    • Article in a reference source

    APA Other Paper/Traditional Formats

    • Work in an anthology or collection
    • Personal communication (interview, email, unpublished manuscript, letter, etc.)
    • Brochure or pamphlet

    APA Electronic/Online 

    • Article from an online reference source
    • Web sites
    • Blogs
    • Articles from online databases (like EBSCO or Infotrac)
    • Articles from online magazines, journals, and newspapers
    • Letters to the editor from online newspapers
    • Reviews (of books, movies, etc.)

    APA Other Electronic/Online

    • Video or DVD
    • Television Show
    • Online books
    • Web forums and message boards