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Fedor Mikhailovich Dostoevskiĭ (1821-1881)

Full Text of Dostoevskii's works

Dostoevskii's notes for Ch. 5, Brothers Karamazov

 The image pictured here a reproduction of Dostoevsky's notes for Chapter 5 of the Brother's Karamzov.

There are many sites on the web that make the full text of Dostoevsky's works available.  Most will allow you to download the html, which can in turn be converted for use on your e-reader of choice.  Below are just a couple of those sites we have found most useful at the lib logoSlavic Reference Service.

This site includes the full text of Dostoevskii's works in Russian and many in English as well.  One of the notable things about the site is that the texts that have been chosen are frequently the first publications of the author's writings.  So, for examples, the edition of "Братья Карамазовы" is taken from its publication in 1881 in the journal Русский Вестник..  While this is a very interesting approach it must be used with care as later redactions may be somewhat different than this initial publication. 

РВБ логоРусская Виртуальная Библиотека

The full text of the Dostoevskii's complete works is available in several places.  One of the most authoritative editions, complete with annotation is available from Pushkinskii Dom through  

is yet another source for the complete works of Dostoeveskii.  this is a very useful site with links to online copies of the works of many Russian authors.  It draws its texts from some of the earliest editions of the author's works and included critical literature as well.



Resources at Libraries

If you are interested in one of the older editions one is available from the Russian State Library in their full text resources at

Another library source that is frequently overlooked is the Предментный Каталог at the Russian State Historical Library which can be accessed at This is a very unusual catalog that sites articles and books and organizes them by topic. It is a convenient place to orient oneself to many of the major publications on a writer. The critical literature is organized under the titles of each of the major works. There are some 200 entries under the heading Братья Карамазовы.