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Cinema Studies Libary Guide: Books on Film Noir

General Books

Academic monographs on film noir. You can use these books as "seed documents" mining bibliographies, citations, and footnotes to get your research going in the right direction.

Gender studies

Femmes Fatals and Fast Talking Dames


Gender Performance in Film Noir




Collections of academic essays on film noir. Includes the Film Noir Reader series. You can use these essays as "seed documents" mining their citations and bibliographies or as an introduction to different perspectives around the subject.

Subject Headings for Finding More Books

The Library of Congress Subject headings comprise a thesaurus of subjected headings maintained by the United States Library of Congress, for use in bibliographic records. They are applied to every item within a library’s collection, and facilitate a user’s access to items in the catalogue that pertain to similar subject matter. You can use them in "subject' searches.

Film Noir.

Film noir -- Catalogs.

Film noir -- United States -- History and criticism.

Film noir -- History.

Film noir -- History and criticism.

Film noir -- History and criticism.

Film noir -- Social aspects.

Film noir -- United States.

Film noir -- United States -- Encyclopedias.

Film noir -- United States -- History.

Film noir -- United States -- History and criticism.

Film noir -- United States -- Reviews.

Film noir -- United States -- Review

Jazz in motion pictures

Spy stories, American-- History and criticism.

American fiction --20th century--History and criticism.

Popular Literature--United States--History and criticism.

Literature and society--United States--History--20th century.

Detective and mystery stories, American --History and criticism.

Motion pictures--United States-- History and criticism.

Fantasy Fiction--American-History and criticism.