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Climate and Society in Eurasia : Past, Present, Future: Archives

A guide to library and open-Web resources for the 2021 virtual workshop of the UIUC Summer Research Laboratory in Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies

Guides, guides, and more guides -- plan your research before you go

Almost every country in Eastern Europe and Eurasia now has a user-friendly website that allows researchers to begin to identify promising materials for their research in that country's archives.  Certain archives (and certain collections within those archives) are described at a (much) greater level of detail than others.  In many cases, you can navigate from these websites to the websites of individual archives, which often provide detailed guides to their contents in pdf or database form.  Below please find a sampling of links to these overarching, multi-archive websites and to certain individual archives.  These are just examples to give some idea of the range of archival websites, archival guides, and search interfaces for archival collections that currently exist online.

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Arkhivy Rossii

Online "catalog" of Russian archival holdings

Full-text search of Russian archival guides (Warning:  the search interface may not work, but you can still see the full text of guides to numerous archives here)

State Archive of the Russian Federation

Russian State Archive of Film and Photography

Naczelna Dyrekcja Archiwów Państwowych

Arkhivy Ukrainy

Archives of Belarus

National Historical Archives of Belarus'

Archives of Serbia

Archives of Yugoslavia

Kosovo State Archives Agency

National Archives of Georgia

Virtual Archive of Abkhazia (??)

State Archival Administration of the Republic of Abkhazia

Steve Grant's guide to U.S. archives