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Climate and Society in Eurasia : Past, Present, Future: Periodicals & Periodical Indexes

A guide to library and open-Web resources for the 2021 virtual workshop of the UIUC Summer Research Laboratory in Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies

Geographic and chronological specificity

Bibliographies of periodicals are an extremely useful tool for finding out what journals and newspapers were being published in a certain place at a certain time, as well as learning a bit about them before actually trying to track them down.  The entries in the Kazakh Academy of Sciences' 1998 Dorevoliutsionnaia periodicheskaia pechat' Kazakhstana, for example, not only provide detailed information about the publication history of individual journals and newspapers, but also tell you which particular issues are held at particular libraries, as can be seen in this entry for Ishimskaia step', published for sixteen weeks in Petropavlovsk (modern Petropavl/Qyzylzhar) in 1913: