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Climate and Society in Eurasia : Past, Present, Future: Websites

A guide to library and open-Web resources for the 2021 virtual workshop of the UIUC Summer Research Laboratory in Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies

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Substantial websites with a wealth of digitized material

"CAWater-Info : Portal of Knowledge for Water and Environmental issues in Central Asia"

-- includes information on and documents from the South Caucasus as well

-- the Russian and English versions of the site are quite different



Electronic Library -- (Russian version); (English version)


"Istoricheskie dokumenty, monografii, stat'i" --


"GWANET -- Gender and Water in Central Asia" -- (Russian version); (English version)


"Database" of the Aral Sea --

Dynamic, yes; dependable, no

Anyone who has used the internet can tell you that individual websites, webpages, articles, videos, etc. pop up and disappear every single day.  All is not lost, however, as librarians, governments, and other actors attempt to preserve the internet for posterity, with increasing effectiveness and sophistication.  Here are some web archiving efforts and organizations that may be useful for your research, especially if it depends on materials that are at high risk of disappearing from the internet, or have already done so:

World Sustainable Development Web Archive (IAS Library, UIUC)

Borderlands Web Archive (IAS Library, UIUC)

International Internet Preservation Consortium (IIPC)


The Internet Archive (full-text search capability only extends to words that appear on home pages, and many pages & documents are not preserved at all) -- results of search for "аральское":