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ARCH 171/172: Introduction to Design I & II: Sketch examples

Ricker's Architect Sketchbook Facsimiles

More Sketchbook Facsimiles

Search Strategies

If you have a particular architect in mind, try a subject or keyword search for the architect's name and "notebooks, sketchbooks, etc." For example:

If you know the time period you're interested in, but not the particular architect, you could do a search for architectural drawings and sketchbooks from that time period, such as:

For an even broader search, simply try searching for architecture and notebooks or sketchbooks. For example:

David Adjaye

David Adjaye and Phil Freelon, Sketch for National Museum of African American History and Culture


Archigram Paper One (1961).

Tatiana Bilbao Estudio

Comunal Taller de Arquitectura

Grafton Architects

Jimenez Lai

Rozana Montiel

"Drawing is an exercise of transforming space into a habitable place. I use Post-its as graphic aphorisms, collecting the observations and solutions reached in the rehabilitation of public spaces... The Post-its are both process and result: they are non-linear and thematic. They are a way of looking at reality in order to transform it"

Image and quote from AR Editors, "The Open Sketchbook: Collecting Ideas," Architectural Review, July 7 2020,