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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Scholarly Commons Scanners: Spirit Book Scanner

This guide provides instructions for using the scanners in the Scholarly Commons (Main Library 306)

Spirit Book Scanner

Spirit Book Scanner Image

Quick Scan with Basic Interface

Scanning Setup

  • To begin, turn of the scanner using the switch on the back of the right-hand side of the machine.
  • Insert USB thumb drive into red USB port to the right of the screen.

NOTE: The Spirt Book Scanner is not connected to a local computer and you must have a USB drive to save your files to.


  • Open the book to your desired page and place the book on the scanning platform with the spine directly in the middle of the platform. Position book so that both pages are upright and visible on screen.
    • If needed, use the book weights located next to the scanner to hold open your pages.
  • Press one of the green buttons located at the sides of the scanner base to scan pages. By default both the left and right page will be saved as one image.
    • The basic interface saves to PDF by default.
  • To scan more images press green button again
  • To save scanned pages to the USB drive, press the Finalize button on the screen. **Do not scan more than 10 pages before saving your scans. 

Expert Modus Interface

File Types

  • File type is set using the green button to the right

Scanner Multiple Pages to One File

  • Scan and combine multiple pages by pressing “Multipage Start”
  • Save multipage scans by pressing “Multipage End”

Adjust Color and Brightness

  • Set the color with buttons at the right
  • Press the buttons on the bottom of the screen to adjust brightness

Splitting and Framing Pages

  • The split option separates each page automatically
  • The framing option can be used to select portions of one or both pages to save
  • The “Full Size” button sets the image to include the full field of view of the
    scan camera

Unsupervised Copyright Notice

The Law Requires That We Tell You This:

Copyright Notice for Unsupervised Copying Equipment:

The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material;. the person using this equipment is liable for any infringement.

The Law Does Not Require That We Tell You This:

The law is not only for copyright holders. Users have rights too.

Fair Use (Title 17, U.S. Code §107) allows users to make certain uses of copyrighted works without permission. Learn about fair use then use your best judgement. 


For more information review the library guide on Copyrightcontact Scholarly Communication and Publishing, email Copyright Librarian, Sara Benson.

Scholarly Commons

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