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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Scholarly Commons Scanners: Epson DS-6500 Sheet Feed

This guide provides instructions for using the scanners in the Scholarly Commons (Main Library 306)


Image of the Espon DS-600 Sheet Feed scanner

To begin using the Epson Sheet Feed Scanner, click the icon labeled ‘Epson Scan’. In the upper right hand
corner will be a dropdown menu that allows the user to select different interface modes, with “Home
Mode” being the most basic and “Professional Mode” being for advanced users. This guide will cover
“Office Mode.”

Scanning Setup

Scanning Setup

Image Type

  • The Image Type menu determines whether the image will be scanned in color, grayscale, or black and white


  • Document Source
    • Document Table: manually scan one sheet at a time
    • ADF Single-sided: automated document feed, single sided scans
    • ADF Double-sided: automated document feed, double sided scans
    • Auto Detect: scanner will attempt to detect document source
  • Size
    • Set the size of the document being scanned
  • Orientation
    • Set portrait or landscape mode
  • Resolution
    • Set dots per inch (dpi). By default this should be 300 which is adequate for most applications. Higher DPI settings will result in higher quality scans and larger file sizes.


  • Place item in either the feeder tray or on the document table
    • Click "Scan"
    • Designate the location for scans to be saved
    • Enter a filename prefix and start number if necessary
    • Chose Image Format
    • Click, "OK"
  • Adding Pages
    • After scanning click "Add Page" if you would like to continue scanning or click "Save file" if scans are complete.

Image Adjustments

  • If finished scans are in need of improvement, apply the appropriate options below and re-scan documents
    • Adjust brightness and contrast
    • Unsharp mask increases image sharpness
    • Text Enhancement sharpens letters
    • Descreening removes hatched patterns

User's Manual