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Guide to Zoom for RSOs

Learn how to set up, run, and record meetings on Zoom for on-campus clubs and RSOs. You'll also find some tips and tricks for making Zoom more fun and ideas for Zoom parties!

Common Zoom Problems (and how to fix them)

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  • Can’t hear anything: Normally, the person may just need to turn up their volume, or perhaps unplug their headphones if possible. If that doesn’t work, Zoom has a guide for more troubleshooting options.
  • Can’t screen share: Most likely, the participant isn’t a host. Look at “Running Your Zoom Meeting” in this guide to learn how to make someone a co-host.
  • Echoes/Audio Feedback: Make sure everyone who isn’t speaking is muted! If the problem continues, check to see if the participant is using/can remove headphones, as that can often cause audio issues.
  • Keep getting disconnected from the meeting: This is most likely a wifi issue. Take a deep breath—wifi problems can be frustrating and stressful! Try moving closer to your router, or unplugging it and plugging it back in. Digitaltrends has more ideas if that doesn’t work.
  • Missing Zoom features/settings: Make sure your version of Zoom is up to date. To do this, open your Zoom client (not, but the Zoom application on your computer), click on your profile picture, and then click “Check for Updates.”
  • “Zoombombing”: Zoombombing is when someone hacks into your meeting and disturbs it in some way, and it was a major problem during the early days of COVID-19. If you are concerned about Zoombombers, require a passcode for your meeting.

Avoiding Zoom Fatigue

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  • One way to avoid Zoom fatigue is by allowing everyone to turn their videos off. If you need to get responses, try using the “Reactions” button, or have everyone answer in the chat.
  • Make time in your meeting to check in with all of your group members. How are they doing? What do they need? Just five minutes of sharing joys and struggles goes a long way.
  • Don’t be afraid to write an email instead of having a Zoom meeting. If meeting in person isn’t necessary, your group members might be thankful for one less Zoom call to take!

Keeping Groups Engaged

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  • When using breakout rooms, make sure everyone knows exactly what they’re supposed to be talking about, and try not to spend longer than 10 minutes in one breakout room session.
  • Include check-ins throughout your meeting, including asking for thumbs-ups, “yes” for understanding in the chat, or even a poll question.
  • Take breaks! Even in shorter meetings, a five minute dance or stretch break can work wonders. Check out GoNoodle for great, active brain breaks!
  • Change up the style of your meetings. Check out our Zoom party ideas for some inspiration!