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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Guide to Zoom for RSOs

Learn how to set up, run, and record meetings on Zoom for on-campus clubs and RSOs. You'll also find some tips and tricks for making Zoom more fun and ideas for Zoom parties!

Chat Transcript

  1. Once you end the meeting, all hosts will see the chat transcript saved to their Documents folder. That is where you can view old chats. On a Mac, these transcripts can be found along the path Macintosh HD/Documents/Zoom. Zoom saved meetings folder
  2. The chat transcripts will contain all chats that hosts could see, including private chats. A completed chat transcript will look like this:

    chat transcript

Recorded Meeting

  1. When you record your meeting, you’ll get the option of either recording only to your computer, or recording to the cloud, where your video can be shared.
  2. If you record to your computer, the recording will be in the same place as the chat transcript—in your Documents folder. Click on the correct date to locate the recorded meeting.Zoom recorded video
  3. If you record to the cloud, you will receive an email when the meeting is ready to be shared.Zoom recorded meeting email