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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Jewish Studies

A general introduction to library resources for Jewish studies. Intended audience: undergraduate students. The guide assumes no specialist background in Jewish studies.



Introductory Works



Browsing Tip! For translated texts, browse these subject headings: Midrash --Translations into English.

Browsing Tips

For Halakhah, begin browsing at 296.18. For Mishnah, begin browsing at 296.123. For Tosefta, begin browsing at 296.126. For Palestinian Talmud, begin browsing at 296.124. For Babylonian Talmud, begin browsing at 296.125. For Midrash, begin browsing at 296.14 . For the history of the Talmudic period, begin at 956.9402 .