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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Food History : Cookbooks and Recipes

A guide about researching food history. Adapted from HIST 200C "Thinking Historically About Food"

Cookbooks at UIUC

Cookbooks can be found in the Library Catalog or on the shelves in Funk Aces and the Mainstacks 

Subject headings; cooking, cooking--vegetarian/vegan, cooking--asian, cooking--chinese, cooking--japan, COOKING / Methods / Baking, COOKING / Health & Healing / Allergy, 

Cookery (Rice)

Cookery (tofu)

cookery (insert ingredient)



Library of Congress Call Numbers 

TX642-TX840 Cookery
TX645 Cookery-history
TX653-TX658 Kitchens, cooking equipment, utensils
TX703-TX713 Cookbooks, early to 1800
TX714 Cookbooks, general, 1800-present
TX715 Cookbooks, 1800-present, American, Canadian
TX715 Cookbooks, 1800-present, world
TX727 Menus, bills of fare
TX731-TX740 Cookery- entertaining, holidays and special occasions
TX741-TX759 Cookery – foods of animal origin
TX761-TX799 Cookery – baking and confectionery
TX801-TX814 Cookery – vegetables, cereals, fruits, nuts
TX814-TX817 Beverages
TX820-TX840 Cookery – special variations (Barbecue, institutional, food processor, etc.)

Dewey Decimal Call Numbers 

641.5 Cooking, Recipes



2nd Panel Sheriffs July (?)

New York City Public Library

International Cooking

International Cooking Guides from the International and Area Studies Library.