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Chinese Buddhist Studies: Buddhist Study Reference Tools

Guides to Chinese Buddhist studies, including Buddhist full text databases, reference tools and index and bibliographical databases of Buddhist studies.

2. Buddhist Studies Authority Database 佛學規範資料庫

3. Digital Database of Buddhist Tripitaka Catalogues 佛教藏經目錄數位資料庫

The DDBTC collectes multi-lingual Tripitaka catalogues. There are 22 editions and about 33,700 catalogs from Chinese Buddhist Tripitaka, including the stone carved "Fangshan Shijing". The Tibetan Buddhist Tripitaka has about 4,569 catalogues, the Pali Tipitaka has 7,003 catalogues of Nikaya and Agama suttas, and there are also Sanskrit catalogs, deriving mainly from the manuscripts found in Central Asia.  Through the key words searching, users will conveniently acquire comprehensively information from different sources of various editions and versions of Tripitaka catalogs, and link to the corresponding full text.

4. Digital Library and Museum of Buddhist Studies 佛學數位圖書館暨博物館