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Chinese Buddhist Studies: Full Text Databases

Guides to Chinese Buddhist studies, including Buddhist full text databases, reference tools and index and bibliographical databases of Buddhist studies.

Chinese Buddhist Electronic Text Association (CBETA)


One may select various paths, including by titles, chapter numbers, dates, authors, or search functions, to read the texts. The search function has few additional features in addition to text search, such as dictionary, authority file, the frequency data, and research article index search.

Base Texts:
Taishō Shinshū Daizōkyō (《大正新脩大藏經》), Tokyo: Daizo Shuppansha. Volume no.1-55, 85.
Manji Shinsan Zokuzōkyō 《卍新纂續藏經》), Tokyo: Kokusho Kankokai. Volume no. 1-90.
Jiaxingzang (《嘉興藏》), Taipei: Xinwenfeng. Volume no. 1-40.
Du, Dou-cheng. Passages concerning Buddhism from the Official Histories (《正史佛教資料類編》), Lanzhou: Gansu Culture Press.
Fang, Guang-chang. Buddhist Texts not contained in the Tripiṭaka (《藏外佛教文獻》), Beijing: Religion Culture Press, Volume no. 1-9.
Selections of Buddhist Stone Rubbings from the Northern Dynasties (《北朝佛教石刻拓片百品》), Taipei: Institute of History and Philology, Academia Sinica.