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BIOE 435: Starting Questions

This LibGuide is intended for students who have been assigned into a BIOE 435 Project Group.

Easy Search - Engineering

List of Starting Questions

Listed below are a few example questions that your assigned GA or librarian may ask you. These questions will also help get you started on your literature review.

  1. Have you browsed the Grainger Engineering Library website for resources?
  2. Have you met with the sponsoring organization yet?
  3. Have you identified specific standards, technical reports, or intellectual property (i.e. patents) from the company with which you are working or competitors?
  4. If you have met with the sponsoring organization, did they provide you with cited materials required for your project?
  5. If your project is ongoing, did you receive information from previous senior design group(s) and have gone through those?
  6. Have you or the sponsoring organization identified materials, material properties, or criteria that are required for instrumentation or product design?
  7. Have you or the sponsoring organization identified professional societies (SAE, ASME, etc.) that have best practices or standards that need to be met?
  8. Have you been informed of any required budgetary constraints or goals?
  9. Are there any human factor design issues for your device?
  10. Other specific project research issues?

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