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This LibGuide is intended for students who have been assigned into a BIOE 435 Project Group.

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Overview of Guide

Welcome to the BIOE 435 Projects LibGuide.

Each BIOE 435 group is assigned a Grainger Engineering Library graduate assistant or a librarian whom they are encouraged to contact with their reference questions. One of the group's first assignments was to create a needs assessment, evaluating the background of the clinical need, including a literature review and patent search. Later sections of the written document should include reference to engineering standards. Throughout the year, groups are encouraged to arrange meetings with their assigned graduate assistant or librarian to help find and utilize the Library's resources to locate materials for their literature review and, possibly, to provide feedback on their literature review for the final written reports due at the end of BIOE 435 and BIOE 436.

Fall 2019 - Assigned Groups

Project #1 Surgical robot

Contact: Alaks, Kadet, kalaks2[at]


Project #2 Global health BPAP

Contact: Garner, Kitty, cgarner4[at]


Project #3 Vision screening headset

Contact: Hackel, Joshua, jhackel2[at]


Project #4 Deep learning for H&E slide reader

Contact: Howell, Katherine, khowell3[at]


Project #5 Global health EMR system

Contact: Lan, Haoyong, hlan3[at]


Project #6 Low cost MRI

Contact: Juarez, Francisco, fjuare3[at]


Project #7 Modular balloon catheter

Contact: Johnson, Luesoni, luesoni2[at]


Project #8 Degradable tympanic membrane patch

Contact: Piehl, Dennis, piehl1[at]


Project #9 Culture swab protector

Contact: Lechman, Ellen, ellenml2[at]


Project #10 Reverse syringe

Contact: Wang, Ryan, hywang3[at]


Project #11 Low-cost pump-controlled blood analyzer

Contact: Mischo, Bill, w-mischo[at]


Project #12 Health Maker Fair compression stockings

Contact: Cabada, Elisandro, cabada[at]


Project #13 Health Maker Fair 4 in 1 vital signs

Contact: Cabada, Elisandro, cabada[at]


Project #14 Pre- and post-op Patient monitoring

Contact: Wiley, Christie, cawiley[at]

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