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Modern Greek Studies Library Guide: Statistics

Resources on Language, History, Philosophy, Religion, Culture, Business, Political Science, Statistics, and How to Begin Research on Modern Greek topics

European Union Studies Collection and Services: Statistics List

General Statistics

  • International Financial Statistics 

    International financial time series data from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The IFS database provides information on National Accounts, Exchange rates, Interest Rates, Reserves, Government Finance, Exports, Industrial Production, Population, and other international financial statistics. Recommended: use the economic concept view in connection with the print IFS Yearbook for best results. 

  • United Nations Statistics Division

    The United Nations Statistics Division makes available global data related to development, the economy, the environment, population, and more. Its publications include the Statistical Yearbook, the World Statistics Pocketbook, and the Monthly Bulletin of Statistics.


The official statistical office of the European Communities.

Eurostat collects data from the statistical offices of EU member countries "and harmonises them according to a single methodology. The data thus obtained are genuinely comparable for the European Union as a whole" (from "Introduction to Eurostat" in the Eurostat Practical Mini-Guide, linked to below).

Access to data on this site is, in general, free; most statistical publications are available as PDF files.  Custom data sets are available from Eurostat for a fee. If you are a UIUC affiliate interested in this service, please contact Lynne Rudasill.

Eurostat Help

  • Eurostat Statistics is your guide to European statistics. Statistics Explained is an official Eurostat website presenting statistical topics in an easily understandable way. 
  • Statistical Themes: General Statistics; Economy and Finance; Population and Social Conditions; Industry, Trade, and Services; Agriculture and Fisheries; External Trade; Transport; Environment and Energy; and Science and Technology. 
  • If you are having trouble navigating the site, try watching the demo tour videos