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HIST 200: History of Science, Technology and Medicine in East Asia: Home

History of Science, Technology, and Medicine in East Asia


This guide was prepared to support the course History of Science, Technology, and Medicine in East Asia

The two primary aims of this course are to read important works in the history of science and to explore how
science was used to produce various bodies of knowledge about people, their environments, and their
technologies in East Asia. The first half of the semester will focus on old and new research about science within
the Qing (China), Joseon (Korea), and Tokugawa (Japan) regimes. The second half of the semester will examine
more popular uses and interpretations of science in twentieth-century East Asia. This course is organized into
two-week units. In the first week of a unit, we will read and discuss a few thoughtful articles with a specific
topical or theoretical focus. In the following week, we will continue the discussion by focusing on specific case
studies in the histories of science, technology, medicine, or the environment in East Asia. Assessment will be
based on short reading response papers, engagement in class discussion, and a semester-long research project on
a topic chosen by the student.


About this Library Guide

The aim of this Library Guide is to familiarize students with the resources and research approaches available to them through the University of Illinois Library. The libguide is broken down into three sections (China, Japan, and Korea), with resources for each area on the individual pages.