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Colombia: Catalogs

Relevant Catalogs about Colombia

This page lists publications and institutional repositories from some of the largest universities, in Colombia's major cities.








Online Catalog- Biblioteca del Banco de la Republica - Luis Angel Arango: Through this catalog you can browse through the Luis Angel Arango Library's local catalog, its digital library, digital magazines, digital books, databases and other digital resources. A large variety of digital material can be accessed for free through this site.

University of Illinois Online Catalog: This catalog searches for items in the University of Illinois collection.

I-Share:  Searches for items in more than 80 academic libraries in Illinois, including the University of Illinois. A patron is able to request materials and have them sent to any library at the University of Illinois.

Interlibrary Loan (ILL): This allows the user to borrow materials on a global scale. If there is an item that is not available through the University of Illinois or the I-Share catalog, a user is able to request it through ILL.

A user can search by keyword, title, and subject headings. Some suggestions for subject headings are:

  • Colombia-Bibliography-Catalogs
  • Colombia-History
  • Colombia-History-Politics


Other Catalogs

WorldCat: This catalog allows the users to request books that are not available through the University of Illinois Catalog and I-Share. Items take a couple of weeks to arrive, so it would be best to plan ahead.

Library of Congress: The catalog for the Library of Congress. The user will also find additional resources like finding aids or e-resources catalog.

Library of Congress Gateway to Library Catalogs: This provides a list of other library catalogs and links. It is organized alphabetically.

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