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HIST 498: Orientalism and Its Critics: Databases

How do we study the history and culture of a people unknown to ourselves without projecting our own values and views upon them?

Middle East related databases

Below is a listing of some of the most prominent and well documented databases pertaining to the Middle East.

* indicates that that database is free and open to the public. The rest of the databases require affiliation with UIUC

More information can be found at the Middle East and North Africa Studies Library and on the MENA Library's database page. The database page offers brief descriptions of the various databases listed above.

Information on the following subjects can be found on the website:

  • Online News Sources
  • Reference E-Resources
  • Country Specific E-Resources
  • Islamic History Sourcebook
  • Religion & Culture

Databases, Online Catalogs, Reference Tools

The UIUC Library has access to hundreds of online databases and online catalogs comprising everything from specific interests to general subject searches.  

Databases are collections of computer records that have a common format and content, organized for rapid search and retrieval. The databases used in libraries for information retrieval most often locate individual articles and provide information about items contained in larger sources, such as periodicals (magazines, journals, and newspapers).

General Information about databases at UIUC can be found at the following links: 

  1. UGL - Types of Databases
  2. UGL - Compare Databases and Library Catalogs

Common databases available at UIUC are:

Search Online Journals & Databases for all the available online databases and journals. Or try Journal and Article Locator

Online catalogs differ from databases in that online catalogs provide information describing resources owned by a specific library. UIUC's Online Library Catalog provides access to materials owned by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, including books, movies, journals, magazines, newspapers, sound recordings, music scores, maps and government documents.  Link here to learn more about which catalog is best for you.

University of Illinois Catalogs:

Other available library catalogs:

Reference Tools: