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HIST 405: History of Brazil: Newspapers

Research guide for HIST 405, History of Brazil, Spring 2015

Newspaper Databases

Internet Databases

UIUC Library Databases

Historical Newspapers Online--from the History Library

For digitized historical newspapers, see the History, Philosophy and Newspaper Library (HPNL) web site and search by country or format.

Historical LAC Newspapers

Latin American Newsstream--a database of Latin American newspapers from the past two decades.

Latin American Newspapers -- a digital collection of about 35 fully searchable newspapers printed throughout Latin America in the 19th and 20th centuries. This resource is a sub-collection of the World Newspaper Archive

Latin American Anarchist and Labour Periodicals, 1880-1940. Microfilm collection at the History, Philosophy and Newspaper Library. Covers the entire region. Only for use within our library. 

UIUC Newspaper Database -- Created by the History, Philosophy and Newspaper Library, this database is a great way to find historical Latin American newspapers. Select the country of your choice on the right side of the search form and click search. The database will return all of the newspaper titles from that country, along with the format (Online, Print or Microfilm) and the years of coverage. You can also search for a specific title or narrow with a variety of other criteria.

Latin American Newspapers in United States Libraries: A Union List - compiled by Steven Charno -- This resource remains one of the best reference works for publishing information and newspaper holdings related to Latin America. It presents detailed holdings data on approximately 5,500 Latin American newspapers in U.S. libraries. (From International Coalition of Newspapers, CRL)

Note: click on "online version" to view PDF.

Historia de la Prensa en Iberoamerica (History of the Press in Latin America) -- A comprehensive look at the history of press in Latin America. Titles covered begin in the 18th century and continue through the late 20th century. Discussions of the political and societal climates of the countries are interweaved with lengthy statistical charts and images of important titles. (From International Coalition of Newspapers, CRL)

Note: click on "online version" to view PDF.


Print Bibliographies

Latin America; a guide to periodical literature - Stanford University. Latin American Studies Association 

Repertorio de publicaciones periódicas actuales latinoamericanas


Revistas hispanoamericanas; índice bibliográfico, 1843-1935

Directory of current Latin American periodicals - [Paris] UNESCO

Pan American magazines relating to architecture, art and music