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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Brazilian Culture: Movies

An introductory guide to library and online resources for Brazilian Culture.

Current Box Office Hits

Which movies are topping the charts right now in Brazil?

Weekly listings from Box Office Mojo

Top 10 from UOL Cinema

Online Resources

General Film Studies

Film Study Reference Guide

Brazilian Film Studies

Cinemateca brasileira: The institution responsible for preserving and documenting Brazilian film. Includes a filmography database covering Brazilian films produced between 1897 to 2007 (feature films, short films, newsreels and home movies).

Theses on Brazilian cinema

Introduction to Brazilian Culture: The Brazilian Embassy in Washington, D.C. links to various films and other culturally relevant items.

Check out DVDs

The Undergraduate Media Collection has a collection of Brazilian feature films, documentaries, and other types of film for patrons to check out on DVD. UIUC also has a Streaming Media Collection that allows users to watch content directly online.

Search the online catalog by subject for:

Feature films Brazil

Motion pictures, Brazilian

Documentary films Brazil

Then narrow your results to only include Film/Video.



Brazil revealed - An online streaming documentary about Brazil, originally broadcast as an episode of "Discovery atlas" on the Discovery Channel in 2006. It highlights the rain forest, capoeira, soccer, carnival, and cowboys. UIUC affiliates only.


Finding Print Resources

Looking for works about Brazilian cinema? Search the online catalog by subject for:

Motion pictures Brazil

Motion pictures Latin America

For more reference resources, consult the Film Study Reference Resources guide.