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Hungarian Language: Folk Culture


 Kultú is a cultural portal with dual language interface.  Stay up to date on cultural news, programs, festivals,  reviews, exhibitions, etc.  This site's coverage extends to Hungarian Diaspora communities.  

Folk Dancing

Maygar Nemzeti Tancegyuttes : The Hungarian National Dance Ensamble is Hungary's largest professional folk dance company with 40 dancers. The company performs every thing from historical authentic folk dance to rock opera dance based on traditional folk tales.

Hungarian Folk Culture Resources

The Smithsonian Folklife Festival provides a wonderful resouce for Hungarian folk culture. The website provides history of folk culture in the country, folk arts and crafts, traditional food, folk music and dance, and family and kinship culture. Resources include links to playable music, image galleries, and playable audio and video galleries,

The American Folklife Center, a part of Library of Congress, holds extensive compilation of Hungary Collections. A handful of these collections are available to view online, and the collections primarily focuses on folk music.

Barbaras Jeno's Atlas of Hungarian folk culture provides a wonderful resource for the history of Hungarian folk culture, and the study if its spatial temporal distributions.

The Museum of Ethnography in Budapest held, up until the time of its closing, an exhibition on Traditional Culture of the Hungarians.

A part of the exhibition, Traditional Culture of the Hungarians.