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Hungarian Language: Popular Literature and Newspapers

The Electronic Periodicals Archive & Database (EPA)

Elektronikus Periodika

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The Electronic Periodicals Archive & Database (EPA) is the initiative of the Hungarian Electronic Library (MEK) aimed at creating a bibliographic database and register of the Hungarian e-periodicals and providing hosting services to certain ongoing resources.
The main task of the EPA-services is to produce and maintain a centralized, well-organized and searchable database of the metadata and access information of the Hungarian e-journals, and to promote the publication and distribution of these resources, with technical support and good practice standards, thus providing better access to this type of content.

Hungarian Literature Online

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According to the editors of this site, Hungarian Literature Online is: "an affiliate of, was launched in April 2004 to promote contemporary Hungarian literature in English on the internet. HLO is designed to offer a growing range of materials, resources and services for a worldwide audience with a general interest in Hungarian literature as well as for publishers, scholars and students specialising in this field."

Magyar Poetry: Selections from Hungarian Poets

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Magyar Poetry : selections from Hungarian poets.  Translated by William N Loew, this work is divided into the following categories: "poems of love"; "poems of nature, life, fancy and phantasy"; folksongs; ballads and romances; patriotic songs and hymns.

UIUC Hungarian Periodical Resources

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The Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Collections and Services offers a a strong page on Hungarian Periodical Resources, covering national bibliography periodicals, Vasárnapi Újság, Magyar Könyvszemle, Magyar Könyvszemle, Kurrens Időszaki Kiadványok Bibliográfiája, Magyar Nemzeti Bibliográfia. Időszaki Kiadványok Bibliográfiája, and Maygar Periodoika Adatbazis. Each of these bibliographies is provided with a link, or a call number.

Hungarian Electronic Library

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The Hungarian Electronic Library is a great resource for researchers and students of the Hungarian language.  The scope of this digital depository is breathtaking.  The selection interface acts like a "giant bookstore" for all users.  In order to view the contents, select the appropriate subsection and press search.  There are six main categories: literature[fiction, folktales]; fine arts and visual arts; performing arts [movies, theatre]; music; entertaining games and mass media.  A language learner's digital paradise! 

Hungarian Literature Portal

Litera: az irodalmi portál

This portal is ideal for following  the contemporary literary scene in Hungary.  In addition to the literary magazine, this site supports LiteraTV, which hosts programs and interviews with contemporary literary figures.

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