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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Exhibits at the Undergraduate Library 2009-2011: Steven Spielberg Exhibit

These pages provide images of our ongoing exhibits at the Undergraduate Library for the years 2009-2011. See also the Exhibit guide for 2012-2013.

Spieberg Exhibit Montage

Steven Spielberg Exhibit

  • Description: This exhibit included examples of materials available at the library pertaining to the films of Steven Spielberg, including movies, animated shorts and biographies.
  • Curator of Exhibit: Staff: Josh Hankemeier 
  • Montage Created by:  Josh Hankemeier
  • Date: June 2011
  • Montage Song:  "Flying Theme from E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial" by John Williams and the London Symphony Orchestra (running time: 4:17)
  • Link to Montage:
  • Individual Exhibit Pictures are beneath the Video (below)

A Closer Look at the Exhibit

Title Card--Spielberg

Spielberg--Backdrop Man, Movies, Meaning
1941 Amistad The Color Purple
Animaniacs Schindler's List Close Encounters
Saving Private Ryan Optimus Prime Complete Spielberg
Empire of the Sun Jurassic Park Indy Movies
Indy Fedora Twilight Zone Movie E.T. Blanket
Five Tones Moon Biography