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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Exhibits at the Undergraduate Library 2009-2011: Frank Oz

These pages provide images of our ongoing exhibits at the Undergraduate Library for the years 2009-2011. See also the Exhibit guide for 2012-2013.

Frank Oz Montage

Frank Oz:  Muppeteer, Director, Actor

  • Description: This exhibit included examples of materials available at the library pertaining to the work of Frank Oz.  The exhibit gives several examples of Oz's work as a Muppeteer and film work as a director and actor.  Quotes by Oz about his characters are also displayed alongside his lesser known work in sculpture.  Oz's contributions to a painted collaboration piece at NBC Studios are also discussed.
  • Curator of Exhibit: Staff: Josh Hankemeier
  • Montage Created by:  Josh Hankemeier
  • Montage Song:  "Monster in the Mirror" by Norman Stiles and Christopher Cerf.  Performed by Frank Oz.  (running time:  2:47)
  • Date: November 2011
  • Link to Montage:
  • Individual Pictures are beneath the video

A Closer Look at the Frank Oz Exhibit


A Closer Look at the Exhibit

Both Cases--Final Shot

"It's the Undergraduate Library Exhibit!  With our very special guest star, Frank Oz!" Case1--No Glass
Muppeteer Director Actor
Case 1--Final Shot Animal--One Dimensional "The 1957 Acme"--one of the most prized pieces in Bert's paper clip collection
Muppet Show Season 1 Old School Vol.1 Muppet Show Season 2
Old School Vol. 2 Muppet Show Season 3 Follow That Bird
Cookie Monster description Monster in the Mirror Piggy's Bio
Moi Moi Moi Fozzie Sam the Eagle voices his opinion about "The Muppet Show"
Bowfinger The Score What About Bob
Little Shop of Horrors Death At A Funeral Indian in the Cupboard
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Muppets Take Manhattan Frank Oz co-directed "The Dark Crystal" with Jim Henson.  Oz also performed two main characters in the film:  Aughra (Keeper of Secrets) and SkekSil the Chamberlain
Case 2--Final Shot Mighty Favog The Mighty Favog explains the role of the Muppets on Saturday Night Live's first season
Empire Strikes Back Innocent Blood Return of the Jedi
American Werewolf in London Phantom Menace Monsters Inc.
Attack of the Clones Blues Brothers Revenge of the Sith
Muppet Closet--Intro NBC--Muppet Closet Affectionate Anarchy
Oz built this kenetic, roller coaster-like wire sculpture for an early Sesame Street film. The "Veggie Monster" rumor going around the internet was officially debunked on Sesame Street. The "O" Frank Oz appears in has a 5¢ price tag.  This is a reference to the song "Would You Like to Buy An O?" performed by Oz as Lefty the Salesman
Backdrop Yoda--bottom view with Frank Harry Elden Kobel--Dedication