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Shostakovich: The Quartets in Context: Shostakovich outside the Soviet Union

Resources on Shostakovich in Russian and English.

Western Sources

There are a wealth of sources available through most libraries that will make finding material on Shostakovich fairly easy.   There is one thing to keep in mind.  Cyrillic alphabet words are rendered in a variety of ways into latin characters.   See "A Few Considerations" for a list of possible spellings.

The number of results you retrieve from a search will be radically affected by the spelling you use. Some of the most useful"subscription" databases include:

A few examples

Below you will find links to a few articles on the reception of Shostakovich in the West.  They are a random sample, to give a general idea of some of the popular opinion on Shostakovich.  

Podcast Links

So much media is available to supplement a study of Shostakovich.  A few random choices are provided here.  A simple Google search of "podcast Shostakovich quartet" will provide you with an array of discussions and performances.

A Few Considerations

If you are looking for Shostakovich online it is useful to keep in mind that his name can be rendered in Latin characters, i.e., transliterated,  in a number of ways.  The way it is rendered changes over time and from country to country.  So if you are searching on the open web in particular, it is very important to keep in mind that you might miss something if you are not spelling it the way it is spelled in the document you seek.  Below are a few of the possible spellings for Shostakovich when using latin characters.:


Шостакович, Дмитрий Дмитриевич

Latin characters

The transliteration used in most U.S. Libraries is Shostakovich, Dmitrii Dimitrievich.

Other transliterations used either in the past or in other countries include:

Chostakovitch, Dimitri


Schostakowisch, Dmitri Dimitriewisch

Sjostakovitj, Dmitri,


Šostakovič, D. D.

Šostakovičius, D.



שוסטקוביץ׳, דמיטרי

You don't have to know all of these. What you should keep in mind is that the name can have various transliterations and if you are not finding what you are looking for you might want to try an alternative transliteration for the name.

English Shostakovich Sites

Books and Journals

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