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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Finance Research Scholars' Toolbox

This Guide is for the Department of Finance Faculty and Doctoral Students

VC Statistics

Private Equity Statistics

  • American Investment Council (AIC) publishes quarterly and annual reports that provide current information about investment trends, fund performance, sector-specific investment, and private equity returns to pension funds. The AIC also monitors research by academics and other analysts and have curated a collection of important articles.
  • Statista publishes an annual Global Private Equity Report which includes data on the following: 
    • Value of private equity dry powder globally 2003-2021
      Average age of dry powder globally 2006-2021

    • Global growth in dry powder 2021 vs 5-year average, by fund type 
      Biggest private equity firms globally 2015-2020

    • Biggest global private equity companies, by fund-raising capacity 2021
      Value of private equity-backed buyout deals globally 2005-2021

    • Target region of private equity funds worldwide 2021 
      Value of global private equity deals 2019-2021, by target country

  • Must have an Illinois net ID and password to access the database.

  • Bain & Co Consulting publishes an annual report on Private Equity trends.  Some of the data are derived from Preqin and other data sources. 




VC/PE Deals & Funding Rounds

VC/PE Deals and Funding Rounds

  • CB Insights 
    1. In the left menu, select Advanced Search > Deal Search.
    2. Use the Filter by: options to search by additional criteria, such as date, deal size, etc.
    3. In the upper left click See Results.
  • Refinitiv Workspace- is the new name and interface for Thomson ONE.  Refinitiv provides information on public & private global companies and includes: financials and filings, overview, news & corporate events, deals, and share ownership. Refinitiv also provides market views as well as screening and analysis for companies, deals/league tables, private equity, limited mergers and acquisition data, and more.   To access, you must register for an account using your email address. You can do this either on or off campus. Once you click on the link in the registration email, it may take a few minutes to receive the welcome email.

    To screen for Private Equity transactions, type Private in the Search bar.  A dropdown window of options will appear.  Choose Private Equity Screener (see screenshot below for example): 

  • Preqin -  
    1.On the platform bar. click Search for
    2. Find Companies & Deals
    3. Find Venture Capital link on right navigation bar
  • PrivCo – U.S. companies only
    1. In the left navigation click on the magnifying glass icon to open the Advanced Search.
    2. Use the filters to search by keyword, location, industry, etc.
    3. Select results to add to a watchlist or export to Excel.
  • Pitchbook  (must type your Net ID e-mail address via Single Sign On (SSO)
  1. In the left menu go to Screeners > Companies & Deals.
  2. Use the tabs, such as Industry, to add search criteria. In the upper right select Search. Go to the Companies tab.