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National Bibliography and Publishing in Afghanistan, 1871-2009: Monographic Resources

A guide to the history and bibliography of printed works in the languages of Afghanistan before, during and after the Soviet occupation of 1979-1989

Monograhic Resources

Stwodah, Mohammad Ibrahim; Modarrissi, Ahmad Zia.  Afghanistan's national bibliography (annotated): July 17, 1973 - August 17, 1977 [Dari, Pashtu].  Kabul: Kabul University, 1977 (1356).  Series:  Kabul University Library Series 11.  OCLC Accession Number: 251885842. 

Compiled by M. Ibrahim Stwodah and A. Zia Modarrissi, Afghanistan's national bibliography(annotated) "aims to cover all publications since the proclamation of the Republic in Afghanistan, in July 17, 1973 (26 of Saratan, 1352) up to the time of publishing this [bibliography]."  The entries are listed in "alphabetical order under different subjects."  The 230 entries also contain annotations in either Pusto, Dari or English.  Using the Dewey Decimal Classificaiton, the compilers have organized the national bibliography by subject.  In addition to the subject catagories, the national bibliography also includes an "index of titles." 


Herawai(Heravī), Māyil [Fihrist-i kutub-i matbū'-i Afghānistān az sāl-i 1330 ila 1344, 15 sāl.  Catalogue of printed books from Afghanistan: fifteen years from1951-1965 [Dari, Pashtu].  Kabul: Government Printing Press, 1965 (1344).  Source: ACKU Catalogue.  List of books printed in Afghanistan in Arabic script from 1330 [1951-2] to 1344 [1965-6], arranged by title.


Nā’ il, Husayn. Fihrist-i kutub-i chāpī-i Darī-i Afghānistān. The Catalogue of Dari printed books in Afghanistan [Dar ī].  Kabul: Historical Society of Afghanistan, 1977 (1356).  This bibliography lists about 1200 of the approximately 2000 printed books in Darī to have been published in Afghanistan.  Source: ACKU Catalogue.  OCLC Accession Number: 27919854; 252091384. 


Habībī, ‘Abd al-Havyy.  Rāhnamā-yi tārīkh-i Afghānistān: mushtamil bar zikr va sharh-i (585) jild kitāb-i chāppī va khat-tī: ‘Arabī, Darī, Pashtū, Urdū, Turkī.  Guide to history of Afghanistan:  bibliography of 585 printed and manuscriptsbooks in Arabic, Dari, Paxto, Urdo and Turky about the history of Afghanistan. Vol. 1-2. Vol.2 Compiled by Mayel-i-Haravi.  Historical Society of Afghanistan.  Kabul: Government Printing Press, 1970. 


Published in 1970 by the Literary and Historical Society of Afghanistan, this bibliographical guide  to Afghan history consists of "585 printed and manuscript books in Arabic, Dari, Paxto, Urdo, and Turky."  The titles are listed in alphabetical order with language notes and brief annotations.  This bibliography also includes a list of title "corrections." 


Rafi, Habibullah.  Pashtu bibliography [Pashtu].  Kabul: Ministry of Information and Culture, 1977(1356).  Source: ACKU Catalogue


Yawn, Mohammad Ismail.  Pashtu bibliography [Pashtu].  Peshawar: Khushal Cultural Association, 1997(1376). 


Stwodah, Muhammad Ibrahim; Pahwal, Abdul Rahman.  Index to theses and monographs holdings of Kabul University Library[English]Contain list of works by faculty and students written at Kabul University and housed in the Library.   Kabul: Kabul University Library, 1974. 

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