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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies: Scanners

Guide to bibliographic resources, electronic and print focused on the region.


  • Scanning facilities in the Library
  • Planetary scanner
  • Microform scanner in Slavic or HPNL
  • Canon Microform scanner
  • Flatbed scanners

Scanning Facilities in the Library

The UIUC Library provides several types of scanners for creating images from printed sources, as well as microforms.  The instructional videos linked to from this page will acquaint you with using these machines.

Planetary scanner

Microform Scanner in Slavic and HPNL

Using the Scanner

This scanner, located in the Slavic Library, does not deliver quite the extreme resolution of the desktop scanners.  However, it is much easier to operate, and much more efficient in scanning.  Thus, we recommend it for scanning projects where numerous pages are to be copied, as in the case of lengthy articles, book chapters, etc.

Double click on the image below to view the video demo on the scanner.  If you should need further assistance please ask at the Slavic Library Circulation Desk.

Using a flatbed scanner

Scanning print materials.

These directions are for the scanners in the Slavic Library, the Main Reference Room and the main circulation area,  the CanoScan 8800F Scanners.  There are also flatbed scanners available in the main stacks on deck 5.  These are Epson scanners.  All instructions for operation are the same with one exception.  This will be noted below.


Open the scanner cover.  Place the document face down on the glass. 


Be sure the corner of the document is against the corner of the scanner, next to the arrow mark.   You will operate the scanner via Acrobat Professional.


Select the option from the bottom of the desktop labeled "Scan & Edit Images".  From here you can choose from several programs.




Open "Adobe Acrobat Professional".  Be sure that it has opened Acrobat Professional and not Acrobat Reader.

 Now, click on "Create PDF". 



You will then be asked how you want to create the document,  that is from other files, from a scanner, etc.   Choose scanner.  Next it will basically ask, "Which One"?  Just click on CanoScan 8800F.  The scanning will begin.

NOTE: If you are using the scanner in the stacks, choose the Epson model which will be listed in the drop down box.



After each page that is scanned, you will be asked if the scan is complete or if you have additional pages.  Click on Done when you are finished.


When you have scanned all the pages you need, they will be loaded as pdf documents into the Adobe Acrobat window.



If you wish to save these in another file format you have that option as well.  Choose "Export" from the file menu. As you can see below you will have several options for various file formats:



You can also easily manipulate the image from within Adobe after it is scanned.  So, for example, if the orientation of the scanned pages is not to your liking, you can rotate the images.  It is also easy to crop the images and perform a number of other useful operations in producing the image you need.

Once the file is saved you can email it to yourself, download it to a jazz drive or send it to Netfiles.

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