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Latin American & Caribbean Studies: Books

Finding books by subject

Finding books on a topic is easy with subject searching. Use the Catalog Quick Search and chose the Subject option. Subject searches use Library of Congress subject headings and thus are always in English. For related subject terms, scroll through the list of results.

Suggested Subject Headings:



For instance


Tip--to find subject headings, do a keyword search in the Catalog Quick Search  using terms relating to your topic. Find a result that fit your research and consult the subject headings

Finding more books

How to find books tutorial

Finding books online

UPenn's Online Books


Book reviews

H-Net Reviews in the Humanities and Social Sciences is an online scholarly review resource. H-Net Reviews bring a new dimension to the world of academic publishing. Our reviews are published online via discussion networks and the H-Net web site. This permits our reviews to reach scholars with a speed unmatched in any other medium. It also makes a new kind of interactivity possible, as reviewers, authors and readers engage in discussions of the reviews online. Through the power of e-mail and the web, H-Net has helped pioneer online scholarly reviewing.

Lexis-Nexis is an invaluable source for reviews of foreign-language books, particularly for recently published books. To find book reviews of foreign-language books through Lexis-Nexis, follow the search outlined below.

Upon entering Lexis-Nexis, select "News" under "Academic Search". You will immediately go to "Guided News Search", which is comprised of several steps. You must enter information for "Step One" to "Step Three" to perform a search. 

"Step One: Select News Category", select "Non-English Language News".

"Step Two: Select a News Source", select a language, i.e. Spanish or Portuguese Language News; To select individual newspapers go to "Source List "and check those of in interest. You can choose up to 5 .

"Step Three: Enter Search Terms": enter pertinent terms.

"Search Four: Narrow range to a specific date"; this step is optional.

"Step Five: Search this publication title(s)"; this step is optional.

Other good source for book reviews are online article databases:

Citation Management Tools

Make your life easier: use citation management tools like Mendely, EndNote and Zotero. These are an online tools that let you store bibliographic citations from library catalogs and databases, such as MLA, generate annotated bibliographies and citations in a wide range of citation styles and share bibliographies with classmates and colleagues.