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Rainbow Round Table Oral History Project: John DeSantis

A portal for the Rainbow Round Table Oral History Project, hosted by the American Library Association Archives.

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John DeSantis has been involved with the GLBTRT since 1991, back when it was called the Gay and Lesbian Task Force and marched with them in 1992 at the pride parade in San Francisco. He served twice on the Stonewall Book Awards Committee. Chair for two years in the mid-1990s, he presided over the first Stonewall Book Awards Celebration Breakfast in New York City. He returned as a member in the 2000s and also served for several years as chair of the BAC Breakfast Planning Committee and as emcee.

DeSantis has served multiple terms on the  ALA Council and has contributed to the profession as a delegate to OCLC Global Council. A catalog librarian and subject bibliographer at Dartmouth College, John has worked there since 1995. 

Pronouns: He, him, his

Source: Rainbow Round Table News: Meet John DeSantis an RRT Member Profile by Tess Goldwasser

Source: Book Awards Report: SRRT and GLBT Task Force, 1995


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