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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Brass Resource Guide

Keyword Searching in the Catalog

When using a keyword search, every entry in the library's catalog will be checked for the terms you entered into the search bar to see which materials match the search terms. A keyword search will look for the search terms among all aspects of the entries, including the titles of the materials in the catalog, the subject headings for each entry, and the table of contents for each entry. This is the easiest method of searching the catalog and is usually best to use for general searching and/or at the beginning of the research process.

Here is an example of a keyword search:

Horn Subject Headings and Subject Searching in the Catalog

By using a subject search, you can use a prescribed set of terms for library materials known as a controlled vocabulary in the form of subject headings in order to increase the precision of your search. By doing so, you can reduce the number of results that are potentially irrelevant to your search and find more materials that fit your research needs.

Below is a list of searches using subject headings that may prove useful when searching for horn materials in the library catalog. Using quotation marks will return results containing the exact phrasing of the subject heading.

For scores and/or recordings:
"horn music" (yields solo horn music)
"horn music horns 2" (yields music for 2 horns)
"horn and piano music"
"sonatas horn"
"wind trios" horn
"brass trios" horn
"horn with orchestra"
"concertos horn"
"orchestral excerpts" horn
"studies and exercises" horn

For scholarship on the horn:
"horn (musical instrument)" history
"instruction and study" "horn (musical instrument)"
"horn music" bibliography
"horn (musical instrument)" player
"horn (musical instrument)" periodical

Here is an example of a subject search:

For more information on how to locate materials in the library and how to narrow your search for specific types of materials, such as scores and recordings, please see our guide Finding Music Materials under the tab How-To Guides on the page for Music Research Resources.

Identifying Subjects in Catalog Records

If you want to find more items that share the same subject headings as an item in the catalog, then you can click on the subject headings listed in the topics area of the catalog entry. These act as a hyperlink that will bring you to a results page for other items in the catalog that share that same subject heading. Using these hyperlinks can be an important method for finding related materials in the catalog.

Here are where the topics area in a catalog record for an item is located:

Author Searching in the Catalog

You can use an author search in order to find materials by a specific author. However, a specific composer or performer of certain materials is not always listed as the author of those materials in the catalog. The name used for searching the catalog can be in any configuration during the search (e.g. first and last name or last name, first). However, an author search can yield different results based on different spellings for a name.

Here is an example of an author search:

Horn Call Numbers

The following chart of call numbers for horn materials may serve as a useful tool in your searching and browsing.

For Scores and Recordings
Material Type Library of Congress Call No. Dewey Call No.
solo horn M80-M84 M788.4141
horn + piano M255-M259 M788.4142
wind duets M288-M289 M788.042
wind + string duets M290-M291 ---
wind + plucked string duets M296-M297 ---
wind trio M355-M359 M788.043
wind quartet M455-M459 M788.044
solo horn + orchestra M1028 ---
solo horn + orchestra (piano reduction) M1029 M788.4142
solo horn + string orchestra M1128 ---
solo horn + string orchestra (piano reduction) M1129 M788.4142
For Books
Material Type Library of Congress Call No. Dewey Call No.
brass history and criticism ML933 ---
horn history and criticism ML955-ML958 788.41
bibliographies ML128.H67 788.41
For Methods, Etudes, and Excerpts
Material Type Library of Congress Call No. Dewey Call No.
brass instruction and study MT418 788.107; M788.107
horn instruction and study MT420-MT428 788.4107; M788.4107
methods/etudes MT422, MT425 M788.4107
orchestral excerpts MT426 M788.4107