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Research & Publication in Medicine & Health

Major Types of Research for Medicine & Health

Basic Sciences Research

Basic research asks fundamental questions about how life works. Scientists study cells, genes, proteins, and other building blocks of life. What they find can lead to better ways to predict, prevent, diagnose, and treat disease. more about Basic Science Research

Clinical Research

Clinical research is research conducted with human subjects, or material of human origin, in which the researcher directly interacts with human subjects. Clinical researchers at the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI) are developing advanced methods for studying the fundamental mechanisms of inherited and acquired genetic disorders.FAQs about Clinical Research

Epidemiological Research

The basic epidemiological study designs are cross-sectional, case-control, and cohort studies. Cross-sectional studies provide a snapshot of a population by determining both exposures and outcomes at one time point. Cohort studies identify the study groups based on the exposure and, then, the researchers follow up study participants to measure outcomes. Case-control studies identify the study groups based on the outcome, and the researchers retrospectively collect the exposure of interest. From: Introduction to Epidemiological Studies

Mixed Methods Research

Hypothesis Testing

Historical Research