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The Syrian Conflict: Videos: Documentaries, Explanations, and Reports

This guide provides information and resources on the Syrian Conflict (2011-Present).

Short Explanations of the War, ISIS, or the Refugee Crisis

ABC News "Syrian conflict explained: Simple questions for a complicated conflict" (Apr. 2017)

Bloomberg's "The Syrian Catastrophe, Explained in 3 Minutes" (Nov. 2016)

Vox's "Syria's war: Who is fighting and why" (Oct. 2015)

Vox's "The rise of ISIS, explained in 6 minutes" (Dec. 2015)

The BBC's "Islamic State Explained in 90 seconds" (June 2014)

Le Monde's "Understanding the Syrian Crisis in 5 minutes" (Apr. 2014)

BBC Urdu "Who’s fighting whom in Syria? Explained in 90 seconds" (Oct. 2015)

BBC's "War In Syria: A 2 Minute Guide" (Dec. 2013)

AP's "Syria: What's Behind the Conflict" (Aug. 2012)


VICE News's "Inside the Battle: Al Nusra-Al Qaeda in Syria" (Nov. 2015)

VICE News's "The Islamic State" (Aug. 2014)

VICE News's "Ghosts of Aleppo" (Sept. 2014)

VICE's "Foreigners Fighting ISIS in Syria: The War of Others" [A VICE Germany production with English Subtitles] (Apr. 2016)

Al Jazeera's "The Boy who started the Syrian War" (Feb. 2017)

Al Jazeera's "Death of Aleppo" (Aug. 2016)