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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

FiRST 2.0 Finance Research Scholars' Toolbox: Home

This Guide is for the Department of Finance Faculty and Doctoral Students


This web page has been created for Department of Finance, College of Business at the University of Illinois.

The purpose to showcase resources and higlight library services for faculty and students in the area of finance and related fields at Illinois. The emphasis is online, although many resources are still in print and microform.

Where to find resources:

Print: go to the library specified, and find them by call number.

UIUC Online Research Resources: available to all UIUC affiliated faculty, staff and students. You will be prompted to log in with your NetID and password if you access them outside the UIUC campus network. You can access them from Online Journals and Databases or via the Alphabetical List of Databases.

WWW: general websites (some come with our subscription).

BIS: Data * Knowledge * Service

Subject Guide

This guide was created by Becky Smith, Associate Professor, University Library and the College of Business Digital Research Library.

Her expertise is selection, evaluation, and dissemination of information in management, finance, accounting, as well as providing advice on search strategies and historical time-series data location.

Contact Becky via e-mail or by phone at 333-3619 to set up an appointment.


The University Libraries strive to provide as many resources via the web for your searching convenience at any place or whenever you would like to do research.

For simple searching, BIS (in conjuction with the Engineering Library) offers Business & Technology Quick Search. This is a good place to start when you aren't certain where to go first. It is best for looking for literature in the area Technology Management.

BIS also has Quick Business Questions, a database of frequently asked questions on a topic level. You can search the entire database or click on one of the areas of finance, accounting, economics, labor, companies, industries, etc and look at the lists of questions. NOTE: this is not the place to do a company search on a specific company. Instead, it is a tool which will lead you to sources on how to find information on companies.

For searching across a broad range of databases, go to the Library's Easy Search/Gateway page.

To renew books you have checked out, go here.

You can also request books from other libraries here.

Answers to other frequently asked questions, such as fines, computer labs, photocopying, etc, go here. Other Do-It-Yourself services for graduate students can be located here.

If you are a Research Assistant for a professor, please read through the FAQ's on services for RA's.


Illinois Libraries: Uncover and Discover

BIS Homepage

The BIS Homepage leads one to the drop down menu of our most used resources. Resources are listed alphabetically.

In addition, there are guides to other areas of interest for pedagogy and research:

Accounting Research Toolbox

Business Policy and Strategy

EMBA Introduction to Business and Economics Databases

International Marketing

Scholarly Management Research Toolbox

Data Services

The University Library, in conjunction with ATLAS, provides a consultant in locating non-financial statistical data sets and how to get started in importing them into SAS or SPSS.

Location: Scholarly Commons, 3rd fl, 306 Main Library
Fall 2014 Office Hours: Monday - Wednesday 2:00-5:00pm, Friday 2:00-5:00pm

Stop by the Data Services Office Hours in the University Library. Librarians with a wide range of expertise will be available to help you locate relevant data sets in opinion polls, election studies, social surveys, census, education, and health data and prepare them for analysis in SPSS, SAS, STATA and ArcGIS.

NOTE: Data Services will not perform analyses required for coursework or thesis research.