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Ricker Collections: Architecture Journals: Professional & Trade Architecture Journals

A Guide to Professional/Trade Architecture Journals, Academic Architecture Journals, and Important/Significant/Relevant Ceased Architecture Publications

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Subjects: Art & Architecture

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About this page

The compounded list of Professional Architecture Journals provide practitioners with examples of contemporary work and movements in the field. Current issues are located in the library and are organized alphabetically near the reference room, or in the closed stacks section.  If noted, journals may also be accessed through the Library's Online Journals and Databases system. 

Title and Call Number

Place, Dates, and Frequency of Publication Ricker Holdings E-Access Availability
AA Files: annals of the Architectural Association School of Architecture - Q.720.5AAF U.K. (1981-present), biannually Last 15 yrs E-access available
A & U (Architecture & Urbanism) = Kenchiku to toshi - Q.720.5KET Japan (1971-present), monthly 1981 to Present
A.D. (Architectural Design) - Q.720.5ARCD U.K. (1969-present), monthly 1975 to Present E-access available
A + D (Architecture + Design) - 720.95405AR India (1984-present), bimonthly Current issues
AV Monographs - Q. 720.946 Av2 Spain (1995-present), quarterly Last 5 years

AIT: Architektur, Innenarchitektur, Technischer Ausbau - Q.747.05AI

Note: See supplement, Intelligente Architektur (below)

Germany (1980-present), monthly Current issues
AMC (Moniteur Architecture) - Q.724.9105 AM France (1989-present), 10/year

Current issues

L'Arca International - Q.724.05 AR1

Note: Title change, continues L'Arca

Italy (2012-present), 10/year

Last 3 years

Architect (Continues Architecture with mid-October 2006) - Q.720.5AMJA1A United States (2006-present), monthly (two issues in Feb., Apr, July, Oct.) Nov. 2006-present E-access available
Architects' Journal - Q.720.5ARB United Kingdom (1919-present), weekly Current Issues

The Architect's Newspaper - Q.720.9747105AR

United States (2003-present), 20 per year Current Issues

Architectural Digest - Q.729.05AR

United States (1925-present), monthly Current Issues E-access available

Architectural Lighting - Q.729.2805Ar

United States (1987-present), 7 per year Last 10 years E-access available 

Architectural Record - Q.720.5ARC

United States (1891-present), monthly 1950 to current E-access available 

Architectural Review - Q.720.5ARRE

United Kingdom (1896-present), monthly 1994 to current E-access available

Architecture Australia - Q.720.94405AR

Australia (1904-present), bimonthly Current Issues E-access available

Architecture d'Aujourd'hui - Q.720.5ARDA

France (1930-present), bimonthly 1998-present

Architecture Intérieure-CRÉÉ - Q.747.05AR

France (1977-present), irregular Current Issues

Architecture Minnesota - Q.720.5ARTM

United States (1975-present), bimonthly Last 5 years

Architectuur NL - Q.720.5BOU1

Note: Continues Bouw with Sept. 2006

Netherlands (2006-present), monthly Current issues

Archplus (Arch +) - Q.720.5ARCPL

Germany (1968-present), quarterly Current issues

ARK Arkkitehti Arkitekten (Finnish Architecture Review) - Q.720.5ARK1

Note: See also Arkkitehtuurikilpailuja: ARK (Supplement) - Q.720.5Arksup. 

Finland (1966-present), bimonthly Current issues

Arkitektur (Swedish Review)- Q.720.5ARKIT

Sweden (1959-present), 10 per year Current issues

Arkitektur N : Byggekunst landskap interior - Q.720.5BYGG1

Note: Continues Byggekunst with 2007, no. 4

Norway (2007-present), 8 per year Current Issues

Baumeister - Q.720.5BA

Germany (1902-present), monthly Current issues E-access available

Blueprint - Q.720.94105BL

U.K. (1983-present), monthly Current issues

Building - Q.720.5BR

U.K. (1966-present), weekly Current issues

Building Design and Construction - Q.693.05MA

U.S. (1970-present), monthly Current issues E-access available

Canadian Architect - Q.720.5CAN

Canada (1955-present), irregular Last 5 years E-access available

Casabella - Q.720.5Cas

Italy (1965-present), monthly (irregular) Dec. 2001-present

Cite: Architecture & Design Review of Houston - F.724.05Ci

U.S. (1982-present), quarterly Current issues

El Croquis - Q.720.94605CR 

Note: 2008 to date behind circulation desk (Closed Stacks). Older issues to 1991 in open periodical shelves.

Spain (1982-present), quarterly #49/50 1991-present

D'Architectures - Q.720.5 DAR

France (1989-present), 10 per year Current issues

Design Cost & Data - Q.720.5ARDC1

U.S. (1990-present), bimonthly Current issues

Detail - Q.720.5DET

Germany (1961-present), bimonthly 1995 to current (Current issues desk-protected)

Deutsche Bauzeitschrift - Q.690.5DE

Germany (1953-present), monthly Current issues

Domus - Q.720.5DOM 

Italy (1928-present), monthly (except bimonthly July-August.) 1999 to date (Current issues desk-protected)

Dwell - 728.05DW

San Francisco, CA, 10 issues per year Current issues

Fine Homebuilding - Q.690.83705Fi 

U.S. (1991-present), quarterly Last 5 years

Future Arquitecturas - Q.720.79F989

Spain (2006-present), 3 per year Current issues (subscription begins with 2013)

GA Document - Q.724.91G51

Note: Shelved in Closed Stacks

Japan (1980-present), 4 per year 1980-present

GA Houses - Q.724.9G5122

Note: Shelved in Closed Stacks

Japan (1976-present), 6 per year 1976-present

GA Japan - Q.724.60952GA

Japan (1992-present), quarterly 1992-present

Harvard Design Magazine - Q.720.5HAD

U.S. (1997-present), quarterly 2005 (no. 22) - present

Intelligente Arkitektur - Q. 747.05 AIsup

Note: This title is a supplement to AIT (See above.)

Germany (1994-present), 6 per year Current issues

Interior Design - Q.747.05INT

New York (1954-present), 15 per year Current issues

J.A. - Q.720.5Si1 

(Continues Japan Architect with 1991)

Japan (1991-present), quarterly 1991-present

Lotus International - Q.720L7811

Italy (1974-present), quarterly 1974-present

Metropolis - Q.709.7471M567

U.S. (1981-present); quarterly Current issues

Modern Steel Construction - Q.693.705Mo

U.S. (1961-present); quarterly Last 5 years E-access available

Plan - Q.720.105PLAN

Italy (2002-present), 8 per 2006 (No.15-present, no previous holdings at UIUC)

Professional Builder - Q.690.5PR1C

U.S. (1993-present); 14 per year Current issues E-access available  

Quaderns d'arquitectura i urbanisme - Q.720.5Cu1A

Spain (1981-present), quarterly no. 240 (2004)-present

Revue Urbanisme - Q.710.105Urr1B

Note: Continues Urbanisme with 2002

France (2002-present), bimonthly Current issues

Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) Journal - Q.720.6Ri1a

U.K. (1987-present), monthly Last 3 years

Volume - Q.720.949205AR1

Netherlands (2007-present), bimonthly 2007-present

Xia intelligente Architektur - Q.747.05 Alsup

Note: Supplement to AIT

Germany (2004-present); quarterly Current issues

Werk, Bauen + Wohnen - Q.720.5WER

Germany (1980-present); monthly Current issues E-access available