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Architecture: Details

Architectural Details Guide lists all related publications regarding this subject matter.

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Locating architectural details can often be a challenge for students.  This guide is intended to list possible sources of such details.  Much of the guide is devoted to publications produced by Editions Detail, the publishers of Detail Magazine.  In addition, other sources of details are discussed including several other series.  Some of these are focused on providing details of specific noteworthy buildings.  These include Architecture in Detail (Publisher: Phaidon) and GA Detail (Publisher: Edita Tokyo).  Others are more generally focused of the process of detailing or on providing examples of different types of details. 

In this Guide

Architectural Details Guide lists numerous series relating to the subject matter.  The following series titles and publishers are listed. 

  • In Detail volumes (Edition Detail)
  • Detail Manuals (Birkhauser)
  • Detail Praxis (Birkhauser)
  • Detail Magazine (Detail)
  • Architecture in Detail (Rockport)
  • Details in Architecture (Images)
  • Principles of Construction Series (Birkhauser)
  • As Built (Princeton Architectural Press)
  • GA Detail (A.D.A. EDITA Toyko)
  • Architecture in Detail (Phaidon)