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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Ricker Collections: Architecture Journals: Ceased Architecture Serials

A Guide to Professional/Trade Architecture Journals, Academic Architecture Journals, and Important/Significant/Relevant Ceased Architecture Publications
Title and Call Number Place, Dates, and Frequency of Publication Ricker Holdings
Abitare - Q.728.05 AB Italy (1960-2014); 10 per year None

Architecture: The AIA Journal - Q.720.5AMJA1

Note: This title continues the AIA Journal in 1983 and is continued by Architect with mid-October 2006. Ricker has the AIA Journal 1975-1983 in Temporary Storage, Room 202.

U.S. (1983-2006); monthly 1983-2006, E-access available

Daidalos: Berlin architectural journal - Q.720.5DA

Note: Shelved in Ricker Temporary Storage, Room 202

Berlin, Germany; quarterly (publication ceased in 2000) 1981-2000, E-access available
Environmental Buildings News - Q.691.05EN U.S. (1992-2013); weekly 2008-2013

GA: Global Architecture - Q.724.9G51

Note: Shelved with Bound Serials

Japan (1970-1999); irregular no. 1-77; 1970-1999

Harvard Architecture Review - Q.720.5HA

Note: Shelved in Ricker Temporary Storage, Room 202

New York, U.S. (1980-1998); annual v. 1-10

Historic Preservation - 917.305HIS

Note: Continued by Preservation in 1996 (N.T.H.P.)

U.S. (1952-1996); quarterly 1952-1996
Inland Architect - Q. 720.5 IN U.S. (1957-2000); quarterly 1957-2000, E-access available

Japan Architect - Q. 720.5Si

Note: Continued by J.A. in 1991

Japan (1959-1990); monthly 1975-1990

Oppositions - 720.5OP

Note: Shelved in Ricker Temporary Storage, Room 202

New York (1974-1984); quarterly 1974-84
Process: Architecture - Q. 724.9 P94 Japan (1977-1998) 1977-1998

Progressive Architecture - Q. 720.5 PE

Note: Issues from 1920 (v. 1) to 1945 (v. 26) called Pencil Points (shelved under that title); 1946 (v. 27) to 1995 (v. 76) called Progressive Architecture (shelved under that title).

U.S. (1920-1995); monthly All issues (1920-1945) in Ricker. E-access available (Progressive Architecture only)

Reflections - 720.1R259

Note: This is the journal of UIUC's School of Architecture.

Champaign, Illinois (1983-1995); semiannual v. 1-10 (1983-1995), E-access available

T.A. : Techniques et Architecture - Q.720.5TECE

Note: Shelved in Ricker Temporary Storage, Room 202

France (1941-2007); bimonthly  2000-2008
Western Architect - Q.720.5WE Minneapolis (1901-1931) v. 1-40 (1902-1931), E-access available

World Architecture Q.724.05Wo

Note: All holdings are now located in Main Stacks.

U.K. (1989-2003); 10/yr All holdings are now located in Main Stacks.