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This guide provides quick and easy access to library resources for Rhetoric assignments as well as guidance on getting research and writing help.

What Are Long-Form Articles?

Long-form articles allow journalists additional page space to explore issues in greater depth than they can in the shorter, standard articles that makeup the bulk of their publications. Long-form articles generally require significant research, interviews, and/or investigation and are often special features within a publication. Below are some examples of well-known magazines and news sources where long-form articles may be found.


Links to current magazine news sources. You will notice that some sources will have links to different databases. These databases have varying year coverage, so pay close attention to the information under the links to find the year you need. If you are off-campus you will be asked to log-in using your NetID and password.


NOTE: You will see two versions for many of the newspapers below, one from the newspaper website and another from the library. Use the library links to locate articles when prompted for a payment on the newspaper website.

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