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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


This guide provides quick and easy access to library resources for Rhetoric assignments as well as guidance on getting research and writing help.

How to Find Local Information

The library has created a guide that contains information for finding different types of local information. 

Local and Campus Information: INFOGRAPHIC

Find Local and Campus Information (Accessible View)

Why use local and regional sources?

Local and regional sources can offer more specific information than many larger news outlets. Finding local, regional, and campus information sources can be challenging, as this information may not be included in the databases we often rely on.

Where to find local and regional information
  • The Census provides a large amount of local data. Find easy to read tables and information. 
  • The News-Gazette is the local newspaper for Champaign-Urbana. You can search by keyword or article title through Access World News.
  • The UI Histories Project traces the history of the university, including buildings, collections, gifts, and more.
  • Search articles from the Daily Illini, the independent student newspaper at University of Illinois. 
Searching on your own

Other Sources

  • Newspapers are a great place to search for local and regional information. Illinois newspapers will be available through U of I databases.
  • For campus information, the University Archives and Student Life and Culture Archives both have information about University records, publications, and student life.

To find out more about local, regional, and campus information, visit our How Do I Page.