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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

History, Philosophy, and Newspaper Library Online Reference Collection

A list of encyclopedias, bibliographies, indexes, catalogs, and other reference works available online for the study of History, Philosophy, Religious Studies, African American Studies, Jewish Studies, and related disciplines.




Religious Studies

History and Philosophy of Science, Medicine, and Technology

Related Disciplines

More Bibliographies, Catalogs, and Indexes

In this section is a classified list of specialized bibliographies, catalogs, and indexes. The first five sections above (General, History, Philosophy, Religion, and Related Disciplines) included only databases, and primarily updating databases (meaning that new records are regularly being added to the databases). In this section you will find bibliographies, catalogs, and indexes that have digitized directly from the original published books, and that are no longer being updated. These bibliographies are still regularly used by librarians and scholars, and many have never been surpassed in quality.