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Omeka: A User's Guide: Simple Pages

An introductory guide to building online exhibits with, the web-based version of Omeka


Simple pages are just that—they are the simple pages that make up the basic structuring elements of your site like the "About" page or other landing pages. To create a simple page in or Omeka Classic, you must install the plugin. 



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Subject Guide

Install the Simple Pages Pluggin

Starting from the site Dashboard, navigate to the Plugins page from either the top menu bar or the main menu.

The Dashboard screen

On the Plugin screen, locate the Simple Pages plugin and select Install.

Plugins page

A new Simple Pages tab should appear on your Omeka site. This means that the installation was successful and you are ready to create a Simple Page.

Left navigation menu showing Simple Pages

Create a Simple Page

To create a new Simple Page, use the left navigation menu to select Simple Pages. From the Simple Pages screen, you will be able to browse, edit, and create simple pages on your Omeka site. To create a new simple page, select Add a Page.

The “Simple Pages” screen shows a list of simple pages on the site and has a button for users to create a new page.