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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Omeka: A User's Guide: Introduction

An introductory guide to building online exhibits with, the web-based version of Omeka


If you have questions after reading this guide, please contact Dan Tracy (, head of Scholarly Communication and Publishing.

If you are considering starting a journal or digital publication, the Illinois Open Publishing Network is here to help with consultations on digital publishing, open access, scholarly communication, and copyright.

About Omeka

Omeka is a software tool that enables you to create dynamic online exhibits that showcase collections of digital images, text, and other multi-media formats in one seamless site.

There are three versions of Omeka, each slightly differing in functionality and purpose. This guide is focused on getting started with which satisfies the needs of the average student or library user.

The Library also has an institutional subscription for This institutional subscription provides more storage space for your site, as well as additional plug-ins to make your site especially dynamic and interactive. If you’d like to set up an Omeka website using the Library’s subscription, please review the Library’s use policy and contact the office of Scholarly Communication and Publishing.

Example Omeka Exhibits, the web-based version:

Omeka Classic: