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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Omeka: A User's Guide: Exhibits

An introductory guide to building online exhibits with, the web-based version of Omeka


Exhibits are curated digital showcases combining images, text, audio, video, and other uploaded items into coherent narrative for people to browse. They tend to connect to the overarching themes of the site, contextualizing items with complementary narratives.

When building exhibits, it is important to remember that items cannot be created spontaneously in Omeka, but thought must be given to site structure from the outset. You create the items, sort them into collections, and finally exhibit them, perhaps pulling from multiple collections for one exhibit. 

Add the Exhibit Builder Plugin

To build an exhibit in, you must first install the Exhibit Builder Plugin. Access plugins from your dashboard either from the top menu or from the main dashboard menu on the home screen. 

Omeka dashboard view showing location of the plugin

Install the Exhibit Builder plugin from the list of plugins. 

Plugin installation screen

After installing the plugin, you may choose whether users will browse the exhibits by date added, alphabetically by name, or by most recent. 

Create an Exhibit

Once you have added the Exhibit Builder plugin, Exhibits will appear in the left navigation bar. Click on Exhibits to go to the Browse Exhibits page which allows you to view, edit, and add new exhibits to your site. 

To create an Exhibit select Add an Exhibit. 

The Add Exhibit page