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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

American Indian Studies Library Resources

Guide to the University Library's extensive collection of resources for the study of American Indians, including books, newspaper articles and videos.

Search Advice

  • Search for Native American, Amerindian, Indian, First Peoples or indigenous as keywords
  • Search by the name of a particular tribe or cultural group (e.g. Hopi or Shoshoni)
  • Combine a tribal name with a topical word (e.g. Hopi mythology)
  • Browse the subject Indians of North America in the Library Catalog
  • Call Numbers

    Books on Native Americans are scattered throughout the Library, making shelf browsing somewhat difficult.

    The following call numbers may be helpful, but resources are not held strictly inside them:

    • 016.97000497 Bibliographies
    • 299.7 Mythology and Religion
    • 342.73 Legal Issues and Problems
    • 497-498 Language
    • 709.7 Art
    • 810-811 Literature
    • 970.00497 History and comprehensive works, throughout North America
    • 973.00497-979.00497 History and comprehensive work, U.S. by region and state

    Library of Congress Subject Headings

    Subject headings are terms or phrases used in the Library Catalog and most databases to identify and pull together under a common umbrella materials on a given topic, regardless of words in a title. The Library of Congress (LC) Subject Headings (LCSH) are used to identify subjects for items in the Library Catalog. Print copies of the LC Subject Headings are available across from the Reference Desk in the Undergraduate Library.

    Note: LCSH "uses the term 'Indians' for the indigenous peoples of the Western Hemisphere. More specifically, LCSH uses 'Indians of North America' for those peoples indigenous to the United States and/or Canada. Often, if an item is about one particular tribe, the item will have the tribe's name as its subject heading. 'Algonquian Indians,' 'Comanche Indians,' 'Dakota Indians,' 'Eskimos,' and 'Oglala Indians'--- all are a few examples of Library of Congress subject headings found by searching for a particular tribe." (Source: Native American Pathfinder)

    Examples of LCSH:

    • American literature --Indian authors --Bio-bibliography.
    • Native American Studies.
    • Indians of North America.
    • Indians of North America --Languages --Congresses.
    • Indians of North America Religion

    To limit your search to a specific tribe, replace the phrase "Indians of North America" with the tribe or groups name, plus Indians. For example, Cherokee Indians Religion and Hopi Indians Religion are subject headings in the Library Catalog.