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Krannert Art Museum: Pattern and Process: Physical Worlds

Fabric in a striped pattern. Mostly red background with stripes and patterns in other colors.

Jack Lenor Larsen, Remoulade (Furnishing Fabric), 1956. Upholstery fabric (wool, cotton, linen, rayon, metallic strip encased in synthetic film, nylon, gold gilt strip wound around cotton fiber core, polyethelene), 110 x 50 inches. Krannert Art Museum.

Glass figurine of person wearing white surgical mask and surrounded by rolls of toilet paper.

Carmen Lozar, "I cannot sleep. I am worried. Maybe buying toilet paper will make me feel better." 2020. Glass, paper, and cardboard, 2022-33-14. Krannert Art Museum.

Image of exhibit in museum. Light brown wooden floor and white walls.

Pattern and Process, 2023. Krannert Art Museum. 

Physical Worlds

"Artists have explored how pattern prompts awareness of our surroundings, locating us within the physical world. Patterns emerge in daily routines and behaviors, and can appear as physical markers of history in the landscape and built environment. The works in this sections consider how pattern aids in the perception and construction of our exterior world, and how we can navigate the world when those patterns are disrupted."

-From the KAM Exhibit


The "Artists" sub-page includes a complete list of the artists featured in the show, images and videos of their work, and corresponding resources from our library's catalog.