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University Library, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Krannert Art Museum: Pattern and Process: Exploring Form and Function

Maroon glass sculpture, rounded and covered in holes that go through entire piece.

Ivan Mareš, Pit, 2005. Mold-melted glass, metal, and wood, 2022-4-7. Krannert Art Museum.

A floating shelf of books, with some covers facing out and some spines facing out.

Ricker Library, Embedded Collection. Krannert Art Museum. 

The reading room with two grey chairs, a coffee table, and a floating shelf covered with books on the wall. A patron is standing in front of the book shelf.

Pattern and Process, 2023. Krannert. Art Museum.

Functions of Pattern

"Artists have investigated the repeating lines, colors, and forms of pattern as sets of rules or recurring elements in the realms of science, nature, and language. The works in this section explore these attributes of pattern to reinforce, deconstruct, or question how we understand the world. "

- From the KAM Exhibit


The "Artists" sub-page includes a complete list of the artists featured in the show, images and videos of their work, and corresponding resources from our library's catalog.